Michael Edward Johnson

Executive Director

Michael has a background in the philosophy of science and algorithmic trading, and studies formal approaches to consciousness and their implications for neuroscience, neurotechnology, and artificial intelligence. Best known for Principia Qualia, a falsifiable exploration of how a formal science of phenomenology could be constructed, his most recent work focuses on unifying structural, computational, and dynamical models of self-organizing systems to explain how the brain updates itself. Michael blogs at opentheory.net.


Andrés Gómez Emilsson

Director of Research

Andrés has a Master’s in Computational Psychology from Stanford, and professional background in graph theory, statistics, and affective science. Co-founder of the Stanford Transhumanist Association and first place winner of the Norway Math Olympiad. His work at QRI ranges from algorithm design, to psychedelic theory, to neurotechnology development, to mapping and studying the computational properties of consciousness. Andrés blogs at qualiacomputing.com.


Romeo Stevens

Chief Financial Officer and Head of Historical Research

Romeo is the co-founder of Mealsquares and has written and presented on topics ranging from longevity research to Buddhist history. His work at QRI focuses on attractor dynamics in phenomenology, the interaction between trauma and physical health, and systematizing Buddhist psychology. Romeo blogs at neuroticgradientdescent.blogspot.com.


Quintin Frerichs

Lead Qualia Engineer

Quintin is a recent graduate of Washington University in St. Louis, where he studied computer science and PNP (Philosophy-Neuroscience-Psychology). His role at QRI spans web design, non-profit operations, outreach strategy, pitch deck development, strategy mapping, and algorithm implementation, among many other things. Quintin’s creative work can be found at theyoutopiaproject.com and r/theyoutopiaproject.


Andrew “Zuck” Zuckerman

QRI Team Member

Andrew “Zuck” Zuckerman is a junior at Harvard studying computer science, and co-founder of the Harvard Undergraduate Science of Psychedelics Club. Andrew has been handling QRI’s recent media strategy, spanning from video creation to website design, in addition to strategy & project management. Andrew’s media work can be found at andzuck.com.


Kenneth Shinozuka

QRI Team Member

Kenneth is a senior at Harvard studying computational neuroscience. Founder of SensaRx, an NYC-based wearable tech startup, and co-founder of the Harvard Undergraduate Science of Psychedelics Club, Kenneth’s research at QRI focuses on formalizing the relationship between consciousness, phenomenological (subjective) time, and the physical passage of time. Kenneth blogs at blankhorizons.com.


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