May 2019 Highlights: Introducing Our Interns

Michael Edward Johnson ../people/michael-edward-johnson (Qualia Research Institute)
May 31, 2019

We’re incredibly fortunate to have three amazing human beings join us as interns this month — literally doubling the size of QRI (at least for May and part of June).

Andrew is a rising junior at Harvard, studying CS and making some amazing media. We brought him in to create an explainer video for QRI (announcement soon!) but honestly I’ve been even more impressed by his organizational, strategic, and leadership skills. Don’t be surprised if Andrew ends up running the place in a few years.

Quintin just graduated from Washington University in St. Louis, and has been enormously helpful as a jack-of-all-trades: web design, non-profit operations, outreach strategy, pitch decks, and about a million other things. It seems fair to say that “behind every successful organization, there is a Quintin Frerichs.”

Kenneth is a rising senior at Harvard, perhaps best known for his TED talk about wearable technologies and Alzheimers. We have him doing a deep dive on the fundamental nature of phenomenological flow (as Andrés says, “it’s about time!”) and I’ve been very impressed by the breadth of his research strategy and perseverance in the face of terrifying ontological complexity.

With this extra capacity, we’ve been able to firm up key organizational details and start some new exploratory projects.

Generally speaking, most organizations are talent-limited. The quality of this summer’s interns has shown me that QRI is not talent-limited: there are really great, world-class people eager to work in the QRI paradigm. However, we are seriously funding-limited. If you want to support our mission, one of the most effective ways is to donate to QRI (now officially tax deductible).

— Michael Edward Johnson, Executive Director



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